Mount View teachers

Back row, left to right: Mr. J. E. Plant; Mr. R. Wainwright; Mr. A. C. Bennett; Mr. D. Collis; Mr. F. J. Sharpe; Mr. W. Damer; Mr. H. Galbraith; Mr. F. Bass; Mr. K. W. Brown; Mr. T. F. Hatcher.
Middle row, left to right: Mr. B. A. Cornall; Mr. P. Kruszelnicki; Mr. A. E. Parfitt; Mr. A. Cullin; Mrs. T. B. Sowden; Miss P. I. Nichols; Mrs. F. Baartz; ___; Mr. I. Parker; Mr. G. Hall; Mr. S. G. McFarland; Mr. J. P. Fawcett.
Front row, left to right: Mrs. A. Crofton; Mrs. I. Lee; Mrs. D. M. Holman; Mr. J. J. Lowther (vice-principal); Mr. R. Huddleston (principal); ___; Miss R. F. Tait; Mrs. B. Neufeld; Mrs. G. Kalfon; [absent: Mr. J. Cooke; Mr. H. Denike].

Thanks to classmates for identifying the teachers and administrators in this photo. Two women in the photo have not been identified. Who are they? Might they be the school secretaries, Mrs. Jesson and Mrs. McRae? Please contact your web editor if you can identify these women.

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