Grade 12 - Division 9

Division 9 class photo

Back row, left to right: Heather Wood, David Wiebe, Edith Smith, Mark Scurrah, Linda Miller, Bill Sturdy, Elizabeth Kutrovatz, Bob Walker
Middle row, left to right: Alan Taylor, Chris Tyrrell, Manjeet Pabla, Katherine Paone, Jackie Tighe, Irene Williams, Diane Peterson, Anita Mahoney, Sharon Peddle, Margo Morrison, Terry Simpson, Mrs. D. M. Holman
Front row, left to right: Terry Lim, Susanne Rourke, Nadine Pyne, Sharon Stern, Diana Lee, Rita Knight, Darlene Scott, Kathy Morgan, Lona Lamoureux, Linda Lees, Dennis Somner

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