Grade 12 - Division 5

Division 5 class photo

Back row, left to right: Ralph Proceviat, Grant Reed, Dave Ponsford, Doug Ramsfield, Alan Quin, Bob Restall, Mrs. Lee, Dave North, Ray Salloway, John Newcomb, Tom Shore
Middle row, left to right: Bob Nelson, Ted Reading, Craig Peden, Louise Peden, Nancy Ringma, Madeline Shepherd, Patricia Pollard, Cameron More, Urbain Patrick, Ken Ritchie, Jerry Pallan
Front row, left to right: Bill Sample, Laura Reston, Lida Seymonsbergen, Anne Smith, Donna Nestor, Kelly Searle, Linda Sherring, Sandie Peter, Maryse Rostucher, Jim Parker
Missing: Marnie Pollok

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